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Adjustable beds and fittings in Grantham and surrounding areas

At Elmwood Independent Living, we offer tailored solutions to our clients, ensuring that they receive the best possible mobility aid, perfect for them and their home.

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Benefits of an adjustable bed

We have a great range of stylish and comfortable adjustable beds for you to choose from.

An adjustable bed is the perfect way to get the best comfort and support for a good night's sleep. Easy to use, we provide the same sizes as a regular bed, so you don't have to make any major changes. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a bed according to your needs. Our team is always happy to arrange a home visit to discuss your options and explain the main differences between an adjustable bed and a regular bed.

Call us on: 01476 578607
Single bed

Single adjustable eds

Our single adjustable beds are the same size as a regular bed, which includes a control panel to adjust the height and the levels of the mattress to your requirements. 

Double adjustable beds

If you require an adjustable bed for you and your partner, or just yourself, our double adjustable beds can be a great solution. These beds have a control panel to adjust the height and also the levels of the mattress to your preferred position.

Double bed
adjustable bed with control

Dual control double adjustable beds

If you require a double bed for you and your partner, but wish to have control on both sides, this dual control bed may be the most suitable option.


This bed therefore comes with a split double mattress and two control panels so you can both relax in different positions.


We also provide fittings for mattresses. If you wish to explore our range of mattresses, contact us for further information. 

Contact our experts for further information

Contact Elmwood Independent Living on 01476 578607 to organise a fitting or simply find out more about our adjustable beds or installation process.

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